Accept all major crypto currencies

Save money on the Transaction Fees

Target a new customer demographic

Get a merchant account in 15 minutes.

Works on iOS and Android devices. Download the mobile app on a smart phone or tablet to start taking payments.

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How it works

Merchant.KY takes a moment to sign up, and you can
accept digital payments in 3 quick, easy steps.


Sign into your dashboard where you can see all your transactions.

Create an account, upload your information, and get approved for a Merchant account.

After you are approved, sign in and access all the features.

Sign up as a merchant soon

See all your transactions in multiple crypto currencies at a quick glance.

You can see or download your daily, weekly, or monthly activity.

Easy to see and track all your payments.

Accept Cryptocurrency Soon

Hot Wallets making crypto fast and easy for merchants.

Get a wallet in seconds to quickly accept a payment.

Very easy access for accepting cryptocurrency so you increase revenue.

Get a Merchant Wallet soon

Token Revenue

Collect crypto payments, and be part of the innovation.

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Quick and Easy

Get a wallet created for the amount you need in seconds. Just choose the amount, choose the type of payment the customer has, and show them the QR code for payment.

Secure Wallets

Collect digital currency in a secure safe wallet. We provide a wallet which protects your revenue and allows you to transfer it when ready.

Flexible and Mobile

Once your account is setup, you can quickly accept payments from all types of mobile devices. Fast easy mobile to mobile payments connecting you to your customers fast and easy.

Innovation Starts Here was developed through our combined experience in mobile development, cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology. Our new application is an easy to use platform which helps people anywhere in the world apply for a merchant account and be able to accept a new form of payment from the next generation of consumers. Retailers can now change the way digital payments are accessed by the masses.


We believe that cryptocurrency is an easy to use technology that allows retailers all around the world to operate faster and cheaper than traditional merchant processing.